Billiard Techniques

Stress is self taught

Anxiety can only enter your game plan when you allow it. If you entertain fear of loss, looking foolish, or getting degraded, stress will need to be dealt with quickly. Your brain sees these threats and causes chemical makeup change. The best way to deal with this state is breathing. Setting your rythem and taking self control. If you happen to have control over the temperature in the room and are proud owner of the best wifi thermostat set it to something around 22 degree celsius. This is the perfect temperature for practicing.

A standing decision

Decide how hard you will stroke the cue before bending over the table. Make it while you can see the entire table and the layout.

The practice strokes aren’t used to figure out how hard to hit the cue ball. You should already know that before you bend down to hit the cue ball. Also, since the speed used will affect the position play, it should be decided before bending down to the shot


Chalk Your cue and…

This Monk billiard tip will set up your routine. Chalk your cue well before taking any shot. Make it part of your pre-shot routine. You also want to try listening to songs to focus more. The act of locating the chalk, walking to it ad applying it to the tip gives you the time you need to set your shot in your mind.

Check the line your cue ball must take to pot the object ball; determine the aim point and contact point to achieve that line and determine your stance position. This is very important because the chalk actually helps with your shot. With a good amount of chalk on the end of your cue-tip your will get more action because the tip won’t slide off the ball as fast. This will allow you to push more spin on the cue ball.

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