Decide and Commit

(A side note from Samm’s Side Pocket)

1What is going through your mind while you’re down on a shot, preparing to pull the trigger? I hope your answer is “nothing.” Well, at least, I hope your answer is not any of the following: your grocery list, where you meant for the cue ball to stop, what your next shot is, if your underwear is showing, or how you should be hitting the ball. Before you ever get down and address a shot, you should have already decided how to play the shot and commit to it.
About a year ago, I was playing in a casino tournament in Utah with over 60 other women. I lost my first match the first night and would not play again until the following morning. It would be this night that I was introduced to a valuable concept. My good friend and very talented player from Northern Colorado, Chris McDaniel, gave me a four-bullet checklist that I used to help me win my next six matches to finish third in the tournament that weekend. Those powerful words were: decide, commit, stay down, and follow through .. I frequently continue to use this checklist when competing.

This was another difficult transition for me, as I have always been the social butterfly who mingles with everyone between matches and chats with my opponent about the latest news. It was not until recently that I realized I could still be everyone’s friend, only after my match(es). My peers will not respect me any less for not socializing with them during our match.